Your Success Starts With Your Words

This is the Choose Your Own Adventure part.
We can work together in a few different ways. Select which one works best for you…or tell me about your project and we’ll figure out a way to move forward with grace and ease.
Ready, Set, Go!

Rewrite Your Bios, About Page, Elevator Pitch & More!

(a DIY mini-course that changes the way you talk about your business…for good)

F*ck Your Elevator Pitch is a whole new way of thinking about how you answer the question, “What do you do?”. If you’ve ever felt stuck, awkward, uncomfortable, or boring, if you’ve ever wanted to dive under the table at a networking event or spent hundreds of hours looking at the About pages of other entrepreneurs, this manifesto course is for you.

9-modules of DIY excellence. Over the course of one weekend, you could have a brand new social media bios, new copy for your About page, a manifesto that will help you maintain the confidence you want, and the ability to talk about your business in a way that has people saying “sign me up”.

Do it your way.

Tell me more!

The Whole Shebang: Brand Voice, Content Strategy, Copywriting

(from scratch, adapted to your design, or in tandem with your design team)

Website Content Renovations get straight to the core of who you are and how you want your business to be experienced online. We dive deep into your values, your motivation, and your aspirations so that when you’re ready to launch, your website sounds like you, showcases your talents, and 

Every Website Content Renovation includes:

The creation of a brand voice that is oh-so-right for you, a site map and content strategy, a custom questionnaire to get to the core of your message, 5 pages of your choice (not including long-form sales pages), a sweet and simple contact page, a fun 404 error page, on-brand headings and calls-to-action, engaging keyword-focused content, targeted language, unlimited email communication, one formal full round of feedback (and lots of informal ones), plus a sense of unparalleled YOU-ness. It’s the complete package.

You’ll also receive brand voice guidance along the way so that when our project is done, you’ll have the confidence and chops to keep on writing.

If that’s not enough, we can add-on tagline or clarity sessions, SEO keywords and strategy recommendations, uploading and formatting to your site, and any extra pages you might need.

This is your site; we’ll get it right.

Yes! I’m ready to up-level my website content!

The Brand Voice Experience

What do you do when your content feels inconsistent, unclear, or not-quite-right? A consistent brand voice is the key to connecting deeply with your ideal clients. Get that right and they’ll know immediately that you’re the one for them. But how do you get that clarity? That consistency?

What if you had a style guide…for your words? A touchstone, if you will.

The Brand Voice Experience is exactly that: two immersive Strategy Workbooks that will get you crystal clear about your business and a Brand Voice Roadmap to finding the words for your work, your business, and your brand.

This is the exact template I use for every one of my copywriting clients…at a fraction of the cost. You can use your Roadmap as a guide for every piece of content you’ll write and with it, your writing will become more clear, more consistent, and best of all, more you. 

Get the clarity, get the client.

Copy & Clarity Coaching

Aren’t sure if you’re on-brand with your newest copy? Need help making a business decision? Have a vision but find yourself lacking an action plan?

Let’s re-align, re-direct, create strategy, and because it’s important, celebrate what you’re doing well.

You’ll receive 60-minutes of my focused attention over Skype as well as the recording of our call.

To quote a recent Clarity Coaching client, “you took 6 years of muddled messaging and refined everything in less than an hour”. No promises…but those are the kinds of results and inspiration we’re talking about.

Let’s do this!

Workshops & Corporate Training

I create the environment you need to discover, hone, and mostly importantly, write with your unique brand voice. Every session is custom-designed to spark creative answers to the hard questions you’ve been asking about your business values, your clients, and your future goals. I currently offer workshops on brand voice development, DIY website content, content strategy for teams, and best practices on writing for the digital age.

Write to with the details of your event or contact Camp Tech to register for an upcoming workshop.