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Go, team sports! You probably already know this but I’ve never been a particularly sporty person. I played t-ball for one season and spent a lot of time in the outfield happily picking dandelions. There were the few years where I did competitive swimming which arguably, is one of the most introverted sports out there (“just swim in that direction and don’t talk to anyone” got it). So when I saw my first roller derby bout many years ago, I surprised myself with how much I wanted to try it. It wasn’t until after I started a business, moved to […]

  I need to talk to you about your perfectionism.   How do I know you’re a perfectionist? I don’t…and yet I have an inkling I might be right about it. From the conversations I’ve had with clients, acquaintances, and business friends over the years, I know that I am not alone in my perfectionism. In fact, without a formal survey, I’d say at least 90% of the people who come through my door identify with being a perfectionist. In part, that’s why my clients hire a brand voice strategist and coach. They need someone else (puh-lease!) to take the […]

  You wear a lot of hats. As a entrepreneur, you’re the marketing team, the admin staff, the book balancer, the CEO, the tech department, and the whatever-is-needed-next’er. You know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Long days, late nights, full weekends. Sure, it’s a fast pace but you’re keeping up and that’s the point, right? That’s how you become successful, yes?   Well, no. That’s actually a recipe for burnout.   If you’re one of the lucky ones, you get to DO WHAT YOU LOVE…for a living…and if you’re like me, you […]

  A little secret about me: I love how social media gives us a look into each other’s lives. I love that we can get a sense of someone simply by scrolling their Instagram feed.    As an entrepreneur, social media helps me get my brand out there, connect with my community, and attract potential clients. Though like anything, social media has its drawbacks and one in particular has been really getting under my skin: the perpetuation of the sugar-coated lifestyle.   Don’t get me wrong, positivity is crucial for an entrepreneur. We haven’t chosen the easiest path and we […]