Rewriting Your Website Doesn’t Have To Feel Like A Total F*cking Dumpster Fire

Going through a rebrand can feel hard, sucky, and overwhelming. Even once your gorgeous new design is in place , you still need to go through all that copy that’s been sitting around for—let’s face it—years.

Your rebrand is a bold new change. It’s going to look sooooo good on you. You want to make sure that your new copy represents the new YOU as well.

If you’re like many entrepreneurs, the biggest challenge in a rebrand is tweaking your message, knowing what to keep and what to throw out. How to talk about your new-big-thing in a way that feels oh-so-right.

Except there’s too much to write, too much to do. Maybe you’re retiring some services to make room for growth. Maybe you’re rewriting your website from scratch but you don’t want to throw out all the gems. You can’t afford to waste time but doing it yourself makes it feel like you are.

You know, it doesn’t have to feel that way.

What if you could…

transform the entire way you communicate with your people


learn techniques that will benefit your business for years to come


recreate your brand in a way that’s truly you


become the preeminent expert in writing for your business

all with a guiding hand and in only 2 weeks?

Welcome To The Big Leagues.

Command Your Copy is based on a simple idea.

1. You shouldn’t have to do this alone
2. You can do this yourself

You have big ideas, grand plans, and you’re ready to take on the world. Command Your Copy will take you from feeling overwhelmed with writing To Dos to feeling confident, in charge, and like you’re the freaking Boss. Because you are. You just forgot for a moment.

Command Your Copy is a super-charged, intimate, expert experience.

You’ll dedicate this time to focusing on you, your business, your services, and how you show up in the world. You can’t afford to waste time and you don’t need to. We’ll do a lot of work in a short period of time and the results will be mind-blowing.
When we’re done, you’ll have:

  • a deeper understanding of your business and its trajectory
  • a clear brand voice with a Brand Voice Roadmap of your own for any future writing you’ll need to do
  • strategic focus on what needs work and what’s going well
  • time to (finally) rewrite your copy
  • a half-day intensive to go through your website copy for brand alignment with an expert (that’s me)
  • a one-hour Quarterly Content Calendar session to figure out and plan your blog/newsletter
  • a follow up editorial calendar for the next 3 months (so you don’t have to remember OR think about what else you’re going to write)

Sure, you could spend thousands of dollars hiring a copywriter to do the writing for you.
Or you could learn how to write for good.

Helen SEES you.
And in that seeing, all is revealed, all is available and all is clear.
Which feels like sweet relief and FREEDOM

Tanya Geisler, Leadership Coach

Inside Command Your Copy

2 weeks to new website copy, a focused editorial calendar, and the confidence you need to write for your business.

  • Monday
    Complete your First Workbook exploring your past & present

  • Tuesday
    Dream about the future. Your ideas today will inspire you tomorrow.

  • Wednesday
    Complete your Second Workbook diving into your imaginations and aspirations

  • Thursday
    Book the timing of our strategy call so that we’re both in the focus zone.

  • Monday
    Receive your unique Brand Voice Roadmap, the touchstone for everything you will ever write

  • Tuesday
    Jump on a half-hour Strategy Call to prioritize our VIP session and ask any questions you have

  • Wednesday
    Your VIP day! We’ll spend 3 laser-focused hours diving deep into your copy.

  • Thursday
    Quarterly Content Calendar session to plan your editorial calendar for the next quarter

  • Friday
    Receive your Editorial Calendar and a huge congratulations. It’s time to launch!


Now all you have to do is tweak your copy, hit publish (or send it to your design team), and celebrate!



You’ll also get exclusive access to: 1-hour Clarity Coaching and Quarterly Content Calendar sessions any time you need it for as long as I offer these services.
These are only available to Command Your Copy clients…like you.

About Helen Tremethick

I’m that person who has held every imaginable position from volunteer to Executive Director, and facilitated everything from visioning and strategic planning sessions to Board Development days. I know what it’s like to communicate a bold idea to a large group of people. The tools I use as the foundation of The Communications Distillery are the tools I bring to every client session: an ability to see beyond the overwhelm, translate big thoughts into clear copy, and guide you through the muddle into your own well-deserved success.

I created Command Your Copy for visionaries like us.


Remain in control of what your website says about you

With Command Your Copy, you receive the long-term impact of a clear and consistent brand voice. This is a big leap forward into your future. And it sure looks good.

It is going to be gorgeous.
You’re going to be awesome.



$ 3 5 0 0 CAD

2 Strategy Workbooks to get you clear about your trajectory
Brand Voice Roadmap that is oh-so-you
30-minute Prioritizing Call
1:1 Coaching Experience, 3 hours of reworking your website copy
Call recordings
Quarterly Content Calendar session to plan out your next 3 months of blog/newsletter/podcast content
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It’s important that this right and this is easy. After you’ve completed your application and made your deposit, I’ll get in touch to confirm our schedule and ensure that all your questions have been answered.

Once your deposit has been processed and your experience has been booked, your next and final payment is due at the time of our first call. If you’ve booked a CEO Mentorship, that means you don’t need to think about payments for any of your 6 coaching calls: just book them in and show up. See? Easy.

If you have any questions about any of this, please don’t hesitate to write to hello [at] communicationsdistillery [dot] com

We expected simple wordsmithing but what we received was so much more: we got clear, focused visionary messaging. This is something you cannot do for yourself. You need someone with the combined skills to listen and then distill to the essence. We now have very clear action steps so that we can get right back at it and keep building our business.Gloria Roheim McRae, Solution Strategist, Wedge15 Inc.


Questions (now with answers!)

Ready to stop procrastinating? Let’s do this.


$ 3 5 0 0 CAD

2 Strategy Workbooks to get you clear about your trajectory
Brand Voice Roadmap that is oh-so-you
30-minute Prioritizing Call
1:1 Coaching Experience, 3 hours of reworking your website copy
Call recordings
Quarterly Content Calendar session to plan out your next 3 months of blog/newsletter/podcast content
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