Blogging and the art of self-forgiveness

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quote by leo burnett: make it simple, make it memorable, make it inviting to look at, make it fun to read.


Let’s face it. Writing isn’t always easy.
In the world of online business, we’re expected to post original media to every one of our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…and of course, to our blog…at least once a week. Are you? I’m not. Of course, if you’re on my list, you already know that I only write when I’m super inspired.

So first, let me just say:

There’s a world of peace in self-forgiveness. Writing is like living. expired domains . Don’t set your expectation bar so high that you find yourself stuck and overwhelmed.

Second (and this is the big tip): Start.

[tweetthis]Start with simple. Start with short. Start with an idea. Just start. #blogging[/tweetthis] By starting, you tell the world (and yourself) that the idea is worth pursuing. Motivation thrives on action. Community thrives on action. Individuals thrive on action. YOU thrive on action.

Now the takeaway:

What lesson can you pull from your work this morning? Where is the moral in today’s story? Write that down. Build it out. Read it out loud. Add an image and some of that delightful quirky you-ness. how do i backup my iphone to icloud There. That’s your next blog post.
Make it simple. Start now.

Leave a comment below. What writing practices have you put in place?