F*ck Your Elevator Pitch

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  There you go. I said it. Fuck your elevator pitch. And you’re welcome. Here’s the thing: I know you hate it anyway. Sure, it worked when you started your business and you needed to say something (anything!) but now, every time you shake a hand at a networking event or give someone your website address, you die a little … Read More

Blogging and the art of self-forgiveness

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  Let’s face it. Writing isn’t always easy.   In the world of online business, we’re expected to post original media to every one of our social channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter…and of course, to our blog…at least once a week. Are you? I’m not. Of course, if you’re on my list, you already know that I only write when I’m … Read More

Success begins with Self-Care

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You wear a lot of hats. As a solopreneur, you’re the marketing team, the admin staff, the book balancer, the CEO, the tech department, and the whatever-is-needed-next’er. You know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle. Long days, late nights, full weekends. Sure, it’s a fast pace but you’re keeping up and that’s the … Read More

Get REAL by cutting out the sugar

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I love social media. As a solopreneur, social media helps me get my brand out there, connect with my community, and attract potential clients. Though like anything, social media has its drawbacks and one in particular has been really getting under my skin: the perpetuation of the sugar-coated lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong, positivity is crucial for an entrepreneur. We … Read More